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Are you on the right platforms to reach your audience?

“Social media is NOT a strategy.” Luan Wise

We work with you and your social media team to create a roadmap, a strategy, of effective content for your audience.

Every business should have someone working on their social media presence. Sometimes it’s the business owner, sometimes it’s a team of people working away at the business’ social pages.

You, and your team, may know how social media works, but understanding what content fits with your business objectives is vital in communicating effectively. Identifying your desired audience as well as keeping your existing audience engaged, fine tuning your tone of voice (consistent across ALL platforms including social media), and posting regularly and consistently are all part of formulating a plan.

Strategy – noun

  1. a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
    synonyms: master plan, grand design, game plan, plan of action, plan, policy, proposed action, scheme, blueprint, programme, procedure, approach, schedule;
  2. the art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle.
    synonyms: the art of war, military science, military tactics; generalship


Social media is exactly that – social. It’s not a one way dialogue. It’s not you talking and talking to an audience you hope is listening. It’s two-way. Talk to your audience, then take the time to listen to your audience. Listening can be in actual comments, likes and shares, but also in your cold, hard data. Feedback needs to inform what you do next.

It’s a big wide world of platforms out there. 

Although there are social media platforms of all shapes and sizes, we focus on two for the best reach directly to your audience – Facebook and LinkedIn.

Most other platforms (like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube) work in conjunction with one of these.

Facebook is a mid-to-older demographic and is for the individual; while LinkedIn is targeted at professionals and more importantly professionals in specific jobs in a company. B2B.

Facebook is a mid-to-older demographic and is for the individual in a personal capacity.

LinkedIn is targeted at professionals and more importantly professionals in specific jobs in a company. B2B.

Platforms: Each platform and app has a unique audience.

  • It’s up to you to know your audience, demographics etc. to identify where to put content.
  • Understand the platform.
  • Instagram and Snapchat – young, quick (throwaway).
  • Facebook – older
  • YouTube – stay on YT (rarely click out).
  • Your website.

PLATFORMS By Monthly Active Users (2018)

Facebook 2,1 bn

YouTube 1,5bn

Instagram 800m

Twitter 330m

Snapchat 200m

Pinterest 200m

Tumblr 115m

LinkedIn 106m

Want to dive in yourself?

Download LinkedIn’s Secret Sauce and get the formula for:

  • How they define objectives for marketing on LinkedIn
  • How they balance organic and paid
  • What they have learned about targeting, testing and optimizing campaigns
  • LinkedIn’s approach to bidding and budget management

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