Brand Management

How you look and the consistency of your message.

With all your digital assets all over the web, keeping your brand, communication and strategy consistent is important.

Different platforms can have different messages, but your brand must be identifiable no matter who sees it and where. Starting with the organization’s brand identity – the design that will become synonymous with who they are and will represent them across all communication media. This is then translated into various aspects of their business, from products to marketing and sales.

The brand identity may stay the same for decades (with minor tweaks to keep it fresh) but campaigns and annual themes com and go. The message and style needs to remain consistent with that brand for it to stand the test of time.

The Brand Bible

A Brand Bible is your style guide for all instances of your company’s brand identity. Maintaining consistency throughout all media and communications is essential to maintain your brand perception in the eye of the viewer.

This is usually a single document that can serve as a master copy of the logo and its variations as well as providing detailed technical specifications on fonts, colors and more:

  • Printers requiring color reference codes (Pantone, CMYK), 
  • Designers using it in marketing materials and product designs (variations – dark vs light backgrounds, single color versions, fonts used etc.), 
  • Web developers (Hex or RGB color, vector versions etc.).

Whether we create an original corporate identity for you or utilize your existing branding, we can provide you with a comprehensive Brand Bible for all applications.

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