What We Do

The Roadmap

How we work with you.

Break it down:

Here is a simple outline of how we work with you, your team, and your business to create engaging content on a regular basis – content that makes a difference to your clients and your business.


  • • Asses your existing social media and online presence
  • • Audit current audience, followers, traffic
  • • Audit prior posts and content for efficacy and engagement
  • • Presentation on ALL aspects of Digital Content, Digital strategy and Digital Content Marketing,
  • • Brainstorm with you about your business objectives and goals,
  • • Identify how those can translate as Content for your digital platforms,
  • • Suggest types of content appropriate for these objectives,
  • • Outline content frequency and volume,
  • • Do you need to boost/pay for more post reach? i.e. Content Marketing or is generating content enough for now?
  • • Whether it’s just you, another staff member, or a team of people, we need to know who has what skills and how they can be optimally utilised,
  • • Understanding your social media team’s role and skills helps us better understand where we fit in,
  • • We liaise with them on the strategy, workload and output.
  • • Your team creates and posts content,
  • • We monitor the stats and engagement
  • • We monitor the paid post results and feedback to your social media team (or you) for adjustments
  • • A weekly meeting with you (or with your SM team) on previous week’s results,
  • • Plan for the coming week, using past results as gauge.
  • • Post, share and create,
  • • Keep doing more of what is working and less of what is not.


Our once-off report takes a look at your company’s existing digital presence, brand identity, and potential areas for new or improved content.

From website traffic (using existing Google Analytics) to user engagement on your various social media profiles, we compile a picture of whom the existing audience comprises. This is either in line with your company objectives, or future strategies need to be adjusted to attract the desired audience.

The Digital Audit gives the business owners, directors, managers, and the team working on the ground (e.g. social media team) information that they can use going forward with or without further involvement from Embleton Digital

Think of it as a training and brainstorming opportunity.

*Pricing starts around $350 and is dependent on the scope involved.

Get Digitally Audited!

We can audit your digital presence online – no matter where you are in the world.