Think Content

Think Content

Here you’ll find out why a content strategy is important.


There are 4 types of content, & 4 ways to distribute content. Find out more.


Delivering the right content, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Find out more.

Our full presentation takes you through more details and allows for brainstorming with us and your team,

But let's get into some highlights on Content...



Content is not marketing. Marketing is marketing. If a piece of content tells your audience about your product or service… it’s marketing.

Content is…

  • Information
  • News
  • Shareable (when last did you share a cool piece of marketing?)
  • Relevant, To Me, Now. 

And content, done right, is branding. So keep calm and carry on marketing, but also consider marketing your own content. Creating content is enough. But marketing that content will get you further.

Types of Content:

  • News (not your company’s) – shared from news source sites.
  • Own original articles/Blog posts.
  • Videos (external embeds or created)
  • Memes
  • Guest Blogs/articles (influencers and experts)
  • Infographics – well designed, can be shareable.
  • eBooks of key knowledge.

Your website is your content feed. Create content that will attract people to it. Post on social media (snippets) and get them to your site where they will hopefully find more interesting content, oh, and your products and services.




And when all is said and done: your data will tell you more.

“I’m not an analyst”. You don’t have to be. Once you know the basics you will be able to understand what it means for your business and who you approach in real-world situations.

  • Data is currency – if you spend anything on content, social media or marketing content, it will give you vital information on who is looking (or who isn’t);
  • It has value – money spent on content (as above) can be seen as money spent to generate data;
  • “I’m not an analyst.” If you don’t have the time, find someone (*cough) who is in order to know where your company needs to be, what to change, and what to keep doing more of.

You will have data on your social media posts as well as in-depth data from your website analytics.


These are the main bits of data to look at on your website. Watch them like a hawk.

  1. Returning Visitors (who is coming back?)
  2. Time on Site (how long are they visiting?)
  3. Bounce Rate (how quick do the bounce away from you? After one page or a couple of pages?)
  4. Number of Sessions (one person can rack up a thousand page views on your site in 1 session, when you’d rather have more people and more sessions – so sessions is more important than page impressions).



How do I make Content?

The Content Map

Coming up with content, producing it and following it through to implementation involves planning.

Let us create your content strategy.

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