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The 4X4 Approach

There are 4 types of content, & 4 ways to distribute content

Content is a commodity and a business should see everything they share or produce online as such. You have your actual products and services, but those require a transaction to acquire and enjoy them.

Content is different. To the viewer, your content is free. This means they are more likely to engage than if you were trying to sell them something.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” Seth Godin

4 X 4

The 4 Types of Content

  • Written
  • Visual
  • Audio/Video
  • Interactive

The 4 Distribution Methods

  • Shared
  • Owned/Created
  • Free or Earned
  • Paid


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

Think of your content as generating assets for your business. Your content can work for you like a sales person or staff member out there knocking on doors, phoning leads or emailing prospects – but it’s not trying to sell.

1) Written

• Blogs • Guides • Reports • Presentations • Books/eBooks

2) Visual

• Photos (products, people) • Infographics

3) Audio/Video

• Events • Demos • Interviews • Webinars • Podcasts

4) Interactive

• Polls • Quizzes • Competitions • Games


Generally, distributions falls within social media, but this can also include your or your partner websites.

Let’s get an idea of the 4 forms of distribution in more detail.

1) Shared

Other's content shared by you, from your network or news orgs

2) Owned or Created

Content you have created or paid for, hosted on your site or direct on your social media platforms; Drives traffic to your site where you control what happens next

3) Free or Earned

Promotions or independent endorsements; Influencers, bloggers

4) Paid

Third-party paid reach; Sponsored content; Boosted posts

That's types of content and distribution mechanisms.


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